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Anti-Glare System

P and P Private Limited Anti-Glare System


Beilharz  Anti-Glare  Screen-An Accident Prevention  Device Second to None..

Beilharz Anti –Glare Screen  System  protect the  car driver  extensively  against glare emanating  from light sources  and  therefore  make  significant  contribution to the safety  of the car driver. The particular criteria for  using  anti-glare  screen  systems  are  frequent accidents during darkness , heavy traffic at night and  unfavorable  topographical  conditions  where   separate directions  are  indicated by central  strips on the road . Our anti –glare screen  systems are  also used  increasingly  on ICE  high- speed railway tracks  running  parallel to each other  , where the Beilharz  Anti- Glare  Screen Systems have been optimally proven.


Beilharz Anti- Screen Systems A role Model  for safety , Efficiency ,Environmental Compatibility and Service Life..


The functioning of an anti –glare screen systems  that is suitable for traffic goes beyond passive road safety and only demonstrates its performance in extreme situations . for example :

Climbing through the anti –glare screen system in the case of accidents :

Here ,rescue work as top priority . The rescue team can easily climb through our ant-glare screen systems with stretchers at any point


Performance  in the case of  impact /crash:

The vanes are very stable in shape and will bounce back to their initial position immediately whenever they are bent by force up to an angle of 80 . No vane parts will  be ejected when  the vanes are hit by a vehicle    . This system also have no sharp edges in the impact area that might lead to further damage . If a vehicle break through this proactive system , no additional danger is caused by the light –weight , break resistant hollow –body vanes of this system.


  • Oval –shaped , completely closed –body vanes made of green ,dyed throughout low –pressure polyethylene  (PE-HD-HM)
  • Highly prices manufacturing
  • High material density (PE-HD-HM) and the absolutely smooth surface ensure that no maintenance work is required at all –self –cleaning effect.
  • Bases for all current types of safety barrier and for New Jersey barriers
  • Co-location of safe dimensions regarding protection and visibility is made depending on the respective place of installation and purpose .


Service Life

  • Resistant to UV radiation , exhaust gases, de-icing salts and other environmental impact
  • Temperature –resistant at temperatures from -30 c to +60 c
  • Dimensionally stable , impact –resistant and non-splintering
  • Long- lasting safety

Environmental Compatibility

  • The synthetic material used conforms to current regulations  protections .
  • In case of fire , no toxic gases will arise and the source of fire will not spread
  • Used vanes can be reprocessed at our company –owned recycling facility .Beilharz  Anti-Glare Screen systems protect  traffic in the event of disturbing incident of light from adjacent industrial facilities , office buildings , sports  grounds  and other installations. In this case ,Beilharz can supply special designs optimized  for every specific situation.

The Beilharz Program for Safe Efficient Roads  

  • Delineators for Roads

Shear-off, ground-mounted, dig-in and guard –rail delineators are equipped with multiple-cell reflectors as standard in the case of all design types . special designs and other reflectors assemblies are available in numerous variants .

  • Anti-Glare Screen systems

For single or double spaced safety barriers ,IPE posts , SIGMA posts ,double safety barriers , New Jersey barriers and also in special design types . Our anti –glare  screen system are exemplary regarding safety ,efficiency ,environmental compatibility and service life .

  • Protective Devices for Amphibia

Beilharz offers a suitable proactive device for amphibia for any site with its mobile snow fences and stationary guide walls.

  • Parking Lot Equipment

The benches ,tables and refuse containers

Made by Beilharz are really attractive and very durable.

  • Snow Fences

The Beilharz Snow Fences are the easiest to handle that have ever been available and are very easy to install and de- install. Our snow fences can be optimally  adjusted to any type of use and are highly suitable for snow accumulation.